Lacrimae Rerum IV

Innovations in Ceramic Art, The Guild Hall, Cambridge 2015


Lacrimae Rerum IV is a collaboration I did with artist Wendy Cambell-Briggs.


Lacrimae Rerum IV (latin for Tears of Things) is a continuation of a series of work concerning species loss, regeneration and evolution. Using the lachrymatory and the pictorial imagery as a metaphor for the loss of our natural world, this work also reflects on the creative power of loss and death, the innate regenerative power of life. The tear bottles signifying the end, death and grief, but also the nutritional aspects of tears/water and the rebirth after a struggle : the intrinsic essence of endurance, survival, adaptation and evolutive nature of life. The decoration depicting the precious and tenuous beauty in the world around us is both visual and verbal.

The tears bottles composing this work are both hand formed and cast in porcelain.  Bisque fired then glazed and fired and decorated and then re-fired a third time. Each bottle is hung by a hemp cord.  Total length is around 1m and 25cm high.

We first presented this work at Innovations in Ceramic Art at the Guildhall in Cambridge. And later on in the year at the Jam Factory in Oxford. It is now part of the Rothschild Bank Collection of Art.