Languages as Images

Languages as Images, WarwickWords Festival of Literature and Spoken Words, 2013

I made these drawings in preparation for a workshop on the relation between Writing and Drawing:

“A voyage into the Stories of dots and plots, linear dialogues, figurative speech, marking, mapping, weaving, sense and value, thread and trace. We will attempt to go right there: to the edge between the verbal and the visual.

Both words and drawings, with their signs and meanings, are necessary to space and charge reality. They are both vehicles and mediums to unite and conceive reality, working between the ‘I’ and the world, the interior and the exterior, the knowing and the doing. They allow an opportunity for us not to be subdued by the world, but rather interact with it, transforming it always into new narratives.

Sometimes the body speaks ‘words’ that the brain can’t always rationalize and it is also this incomprehension or disconnection that gives rise to the ‘emergency’ of the New. You will experience gesture, rhythm, intention, memory and improvisation via a ‘writing and drawing in the air’ exercise. After all what counts is also the invisible, the secret connections: what moves the hand, what lightens the eye and fires the mind.

We will create our own ‘visible abstractions’ by colouring words, embodying meanings and drawing with texts. Please bring along a copy of one page from your favourite piece of writing.”