Museum Spirituality

Presented at ‘Own Cult: Icons of Wonderland’ curated by Mebrak Tareke with Cutlog New York, 2014

‘Museum Spirituality’ is a on going series of in-glazed fine bone china plates and vessels.

Serving plates and vessels are used as passage and conduits between the outer world and our inside. They are a place of exchange. In this case the exchange is between different cultures and faiths on common human occurrences. These plates and vessels  are a sort of zero degree transition area where the participants are called to experience, read and interpret the gaps in space and time which characterise the negotiation of cultural values and histor(y)ies.

They are made up of museum pieces from all over the world arranged as trans-personal, archetypal images in a fluid conversation with one another. A series of texts as words, and drawings have been super-imposed onto these plates, asserting an altered space and reality. They make it possible for us not to feel subdued by the world around us, allowing us instead, to interact with it, constructing new narratives.

They seek to fuse sensorial experiences with world art, history and culture.