Breath, Lovely..

Bifurcation Unbuttoned & Unzipped

Sweet Tea House, Globe Road, London, 2007


PUSH ! Breath, Lovely.. is the coming together of eight artists in celebration of the immense middle passage that is ma/paternity and by extension creation at the greater level. The Show captures the full cycle of life, from reproduction to death, revealing the innate struggle and endurance that is associated with survival.

The artists Elena CecchinatoFaye Dobinson, Ania Bilon, Mek, Nick Ross, Mebrak Tareke, Claire Mitchel and Tymothy Ellis explore the parameters of Life Generator and question Identity as roles mutate to embrace a new state of being.

By capturing mutation and change, the underbelly of life, with all the mysteries surrounding creation at the higher configuration, a multifaceted narrative of death and rebirth in generation is exposed through various media: photography, painting, video, words, sound, light.

Where do we start and where do we end?

18th May-5pm, ‘Suicidal Lullabies’ A Live Salon focusing on the Invisible behind Evolution.