Multividuality @ Art Save The Queen


Art Save the Queen @ Adlib Gallery @ OxoTower



The collections of queens I made for the Art Save The Queen project is called Multividuality and is composed of 200 Queens: there is the Queen of Angels, Queen of Lovers, the Queen of Dreamers but also the Queen of Frequencies and the Queen of Acoustics. Each piece is individually created in multiple disciplines and layers of drawings, writings, sound and waterpaintigs. The wordings composing the drawing are made up of little poems for the occasion as an ode to the Queen and her legacy while each water painting motif is made by floating colours on water.


Working with an iconic figure such as Elisabeth II made me reflect on how multitude and singularity are inevitably part of the same narrative for every human being. After all we all need to belong to a community while maintaining our own individuality. The saying ‘We are hers and she is ours”, conveys a sense of equality within difference where all humans- despite their privileges- must deal with the same life’s rituals of passage and emotions: birth, death, love, disappointment or sadness. She is a queen, and she is also a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a lover and I guess this is important when portraying a monarch in a democratic age. “