Own Cult

Camlis Library, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, London, Uk

Own Cult is our personal religion, a subjective list of amendments, beliefs and intentions that help us create and transform reality at the greater level.

At Camlis we were considering the relation between Art, Pain and Science. Symbols of Failure, Faith, Resiliance and Birth were the links I chose between humanity, art and science. Drawing is an act of faith and courage which can renew and regenerate itself through failure and so is a scientific discovery before being verified.
Illness, Mistakes and Accidents are all extremely creative events which force us to reconsider and rethink assumptions.
They are emergency events that allow us to recognise the dominant Ideas that usually polarise our perception and open us to new modalities of looking and operating within reality.
I guess we draw what we don’t want to be subjected to. Expression produces formal solutions, images and meanings and drawing allows me to see things in an analogical way, it stimulates a parallel mode of thinking which brings about a different and often unexpected consciousness of the same issue.
The subjective experience of pain, melancholy, rage or joy also exists in a process of socialisation of our non being. When we make, interact or sense art we identify, detach and project our self with that ‘product’ and therefore we interact with the what we are not, so that our subjectivity reconcile with universal unity.

‘Own Cult’ 50 cm X 45 cm, mixed media: interior of envelopes collage, pencil, pen, china ink, studs, pubic hair, transfers.