Switch Supposing

Area 10 Project Space, Peckham, London, Uk, 2008


Switch Supposing outlines an itinerary within the experience of the elsewhere happening here and now through the practice of Drawing.

In a maze of lines and mindscapes, the spectator participates to the chasing game of black and white. As light and darkness reverse one into the other, the viewer is free to swing between mindfulness and abandonment.

This series of pieces explore the possibility of generating new vocabularies for the intangible and mutual relation to the elsewhere.

Elena Cecchinato’s tile-carpets explore the immanent reordering that exists between inner experience and outer occurrence. Contained is a floor tiles installation composed of prayer rugs embedded into the pavement. Their cosmographical designs are made up of finely psycho-poetical invocations meandering and converging in a sketch-like fashion of prayer for the everyday little traumas.

Maia Sambonet’s installations range from miniatures to environments, which catch drawing in motion. Set free, a story evades the sheet’s perimeter to navigate in space. Light cluster is an ensemble of light boxes that progressively reveal a drawing-microcosm. Incorporated in the drawing texture, calligraphy underscores a transition from illegibility to clarity, from dark to light.

Marta Angelozzi’s drawings are abstract landscapes that reflect a state of being experienced in the moment they are drawn. As a way to explore the unknown, they could represent a journey to and from an unexplored land.


Here page 50  a critical view by the writer Chioma Okereke